Welcome & About Us

Our Mission:

A lot of people want to bring beauty and inspiration into their homes, but don't know where to start. 

Rosewood Home is here for you. We've curated a collection of high-quality home décor that will help you create beautiful spaces in your home. Our mission is simple - we want to make it easy for everyone to live with style! 

With our online store, you can easily browse through the latest trends in home décor. You'll find everything from candles and wax melts to cutting boards and plant stands right on your phone or desktop computer!


How It Started: 

Our story begins long before we actually launched. One evening in the spring circa 2018 we were having dinner at a local spot discussing how we could combine our creative talents.

We dreamed of a place where we could combine our passion for making and for home décor into something more. We came up with a name, sketched out logos, and the idea took a backseat with wedding planning, a global pandemic and many more obstacles.

Until January 2021 when Rose's new hobby of candle making re-lit a fire and creative passion.

We hope you find many items to bring warmth, good vibes and memories for a lifetime into your space.

With Love,
Rose & Corey



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